A New Generation Leads the Way

February 2024 Newsletter “Sponsorship is not just about supporting families,” Yulia said. “It... Continue

Rebuilding Lives in Southern Ukraine

January 2024 – To start the new year of 2024, our UK director Pete Wooding shares about his mi... Continue

Finishing Strong – A Year End Update

The Darkness Around You Will Be As Bright As Noon Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.  Then... Continue

The Gospel Is A Gift

December 2023 – These are a few of the people on our team sharing this gift at Christmas This ... Continue

Love in Action

November 2023 – Our hearts go out to the people of Israel.  The Middle East is a powder k... Continue

The Gospel in a Muslim Nation

October 2023 – It has been 24 years since Kosovo attained independence from Serbia with our mi... Continue

Nikolai and a War Update

September 2023 – “Jeff, are you there?” the text message asked.  “Can you call me? Ther... Continue

Camp brings healing to kids in war zones

August 2023 – Our summer camp on the Black Sea has just ended.  73 people took part, including ad... Continue

Stories of Courage and Strength

July 2023 – As the war rages on in Ukraine, many stories emerge of courage and resilience. I h... Continue

Chickens and Pigs for Natalia and Halina

June 2023 – Natalia led us through the gate into the small farmyard. Her friend and former co-... Continue

The Farm, Orphans, and Summer Camp

May 2023 – Farmers have a deep understanding of the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3. Keeping your ... Continue

A Pastor On the Frontlines

April 2023 – The explosion outside startled me.  It was loud and sounded close.  I jumped ou... Continue