Christmas Joy For the Poor

Families heat one room of their house to keep warm.

Christmas is a special time of year and a great time to share our faith in Christ. The MP Christmas Fund is designed to bless needy families and share the gospel.  Funds are pooled together to support the various project needs. Thank you! 

Donate for Christmas


Firewood For Needy Families

The firewood project provides heat for poor families in Kosovo. Most families heat one room in winter with a wood-burning stove and the kids huddle together for warmth.  With your help, a gift of $66 provides one month of firewood.  $200 provides three months of heat for one family.

Total amount needed – $3000


Christmas Presents

This is a practical gift that children and their parents love. $25 provides one gift of quality blankets and sheets, as well as chocolates for the family.  600 gifts @ $25 each are needed. Families are grateful for these gifts as many are not able to provide gifts for their children. Our staff is shopping right now and planning the gifts for each family. 

Total amount needed = $15,000


Winter Camp – Making Disciples

This January we are able to bring young people together for the annual winter discipleship camp. This is a special time that includes daily meetings with worship, teaching, food, and fellowship.  Young people are challenged in their faith and many counselors are former sponsored children. $140 per teen will provide the gift of discipleship for up to 70 campers. 

Total amount needed = $9800


The Hearts of Love Center

This amazing ministry center for handicapped children is experiencing high heating bills due to the doubling of natural gas prices imported from Russia by Ukraine.  Our goal is to keep their doors open and the center warm this winter.

Total amount needed = $3000.00

Christmas funds are collected and distributed among these projects as needed. Thank you again for your faithfulness and love for the poor in Ukraine, Armenia, and Kosovo!