Sometimes We Are Afraid

March 2023 – Andriy and Yulia Khoroshilov humbly took on the leadership role at Mercy Project... Continue

A Cargo of Firewood and Encouragement

February 2023 – Your generous support during the Christmas season is changing lives.  I trave... Continue

Andriy’s Story In the War Zone

January 2023 – Andriy Khoroshilov joined Mercy Projects in 2014.  He is the IT manager and hu... Continue

Life in a Bomb Shelter

Year-end Update from Jeff and Paula “We won’t celebrate Christmas this year.  We all understand... Continue

Hope and Heat This Christmas

December 2022 – Today approximately 75% of Ukraine is without regular utilities meaning electr... Continue

Walking the Land

November 2022 – I spent a week recently at the MP farm in northern Armenia.  What a beautiful... Continue

Prayer Needed For Ukraine

October 2022 – Jeff just returned from Ukraine in late September.  Vladimir Putin, together w... Continue

God’s Grace Rises from the Rubble

September 2022 – Thank you so much for your support to rebuild the farm in Armenia. We have ma... Continue

Violent Storm At Our Armenia Farm

August 2022 – “What happened?”  I asked, shocked by what I saw.  The cow shelter stood i... Continue

I didn’t want to come to the camp

July 2022 – From June 7-15, Mercy Projects USA in cooperation with Eastern European Mission Hu... Continue

Beauty Instead of Ashes

June 2022 – As the war in Ukraine approaches 100 days there is no end in sight.     ... Continue

Letters and Stories from the War

May 2022 – After 5 weeks in Ukraine, it has been good to be home.  Paula returns to Ukraine w... Continue