Nikolai Nikolaivich

With sadness we report that our ministry partner and fearless believer, Nikolai Nikolaivich, recentl... Continue

A Pastor On the Frontlines

April 2023 – The explosion outside startled me.  It was loud and sounded close.  I jumped ou... Continue

Slideshow of the Ukraine War

This timeline from February 24, 2022 to March 2023 presents a brief overview of our efforts to suppo... Continue

Video: Packing Chickens For Families

Chickens for families in the war zone of Ukraine means giving them the means to produce for themselv... Continue

Ukraine Strategy and Timeline

In the first month of the war, millions of women and children fled over borders into Poland, Hungary... Continue

Questions About the War in Ukraine?

The Mouse Was Attacked by the Elephant If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chose... Continue

Sometimes We Are Afraid

March 2023 – Andriy and Yulia Khoroshilov humbly took on the leadership role at Mercy Project... Continue

Missiles Flew By His Apartment but God and Nesting Dolls Saved His Life

When the war in Ukraine started I was in Alaska with our grandkids.  Immediately I began texting an... Continue

Hope and Heat This Christmas

December 2022 – Today approximately 75% of Ukraine is without regular utilities meaning electr... Continue

Visiting Widows in the War Zone

The Donbas region of Ukraine is a dangerous place. The Russians started this war by invading Donetsk... Continue

Prayer Needed For Ukraine

October 2022 – Jeff just returned from Ukraine in late September.  Vladimir Putin, together w... Continue