Nikolai Nikolaivich

With sadness we report that our ministry partner and fearless believer, Nikolai Nikolaivich, recentl... Continue

Video: Packing Chickens For Families

Chickens for families in the war zone of Ukraine means giving them the means to produce for themselv... Continue

Visiting Widows in the War Zone

The Donbas region of Ukraine is a dangerous place. The Russians started this war by invading Donetsk... Continue

Zhenya Reports From Kyiv

Watch Zhenya’s video update from early March from Kyiv.... Continue

Ukraine Relief Fund

Mercy Projects has started a Relief Fund designated to provide assistance to Ukrainian families.  F... Continue

Christians Will Lose Freedoms

Russian list of opposition groups, Christians, are “to be killed or sent to camps” Murri... Continue

All Wooden Biz by Andrii and Oksana

Shop at the All Wooden Biz Store... Continue

“A dog senses when somebody is afraid of it, and it bites”

Vladimir Putin in his own words  “Everyone says I’m harsh, even brutal,” Putin acknowledged, ... Continue

Ruslana’s Story

Some of the families in our Ukraine program are in desperate need.  It seems life’s circumstances... Continue

Retired Firefighter Visits Sponsored Family

Oleksiy and Lesya Blaschinskyi, who live in a small two-room apartment in Kyiv with their three chil... Continue

Bogdan’s Story

Another young first-time camp counselor is 19-year-old Bogdan. His family is in the sponsorship prog... Continue

A New Home for Ukrainets Family

Petro and Valya have a family of 8 children, one being a brand new baby. Their apartment is only 350... Continue