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Video: Our brother Nikolai

Nikolai Nikolaivich, our co-worker in the village of Stanislav near Kherson, gave his life serving o... Continue

Video: In the War Zone Near Kharkiv

MP director Jeff Thompson shares a brief video of a man who remains in his burnt out house and villa... Continue

Video: Delivering Seeds in Donbas

MP director Jeff is back in Donbas delivering seeds for spring planting, helping families feed thems... Continue

Should the West be Helping Ukraine?

By Jeff Thompson Here is an excellent, short debate about the west helping Ukraine between two conse... Continue

Finishing Strong – A Year End Update

The Darkness Around You Will Be As Bright As Noon Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.  Then... Continue

Life on the Farm

New Arrivals On The Farm Our farm in Armenia received two new cows recently, just in time for Thanks... Continue

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Nikolai and a War Update

September 2023 – “Jeff, are you there?” the text message asked.  “Can you call me? Ther... Continue

Stories of Courage and Strength

July 2023 – As the war rages on in Ukraine, many stories emerge of courage and resilience. I h... Continue

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