Love in Action

November 2023 – Our hearts go out to the people of Israel.  The Middle East is a powder keg of hatred towards Israel, and the military alliance of Russia, Iran, and North Korea is a huge threat.  In the midst of wars, rumors of wars, and deep suffering, we are called to help people in their time of need.  For us at Mercy Projects, that means Armenian refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh, Ukrainians living in the rubble of what used to be a home, and widows in Kosovo thankful for their winter firewood supply.  Our desire is to always show God’s love toward people by our actions.  Thank you for standing with us.

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Sergei’s Outdoor Kitchen

The food was delicious.  Cooked on a small gas stove supplied by a propane tank, Natalia served us wonderful soup, meat, and cabbage rolls.  We sat outside in a makeshift tent with a wooden frame, in the shelter of a UN issued tarp.  A small Starlink station supplied internet access.  The wooden picnic table supported a big pot of Natalia’s borscht.  More volunteers would be arriving soon to eat their meal as well.  

In a formerly occupied area of southern Ukraine, Sergei and Natalia opened their destroyed home to become a shelter for volunteers.  They explained this was how they could serve the Lord and serve their neighbors.  The volunteers were helping rebuild village homes, but they needed a place to sleep and eat.  This Christian couple knew they had to take action.  They didn’t need to think about it too much, the need was obvious.

A Hub of Hope in the Community

Their action of serving their neighbors, transformed their partially rebuilt home, surrounded by fields and destruction, into a hub of hope for this farming community.  Natalia cooks and coordinates delivery of food and clothing.  Families came out to help load winter firewood supplied by Mercy Projects.  Surviving this winter means Christmas arrived a little early this year.

The Christmas Fund Will Provide Firewood and Warm Jackets

Sweatshirts from Germany, propane tanks and heaters from Poland, sleeping bags made in Ukraine, first aid kits, canned goods, yes it seemed like Christmas in October!  It was important to get firewood and supplies into the war zone before winter.  Once it rains and snows, the roads become impassable except for 4-wheel drive vehicles.  This year, our Christmas Project is providing firewood and warm jackets to families and children all over Ukraine.

We stepped out in faith to advance the funds to buy firewood, heaters, and order warm jackets.  Your support for the MP Christmas Fund means survival for many of these families.


$150 per family to stay warm this Christmas

We are keeping it simple this year.  Christmas gifts will consist of winter jackets (made in Ukraine) and/or a 3-month supply of firewood.  A clothing factory in central Ukraine is producing the jackets and is giving our families a selection to choose from.  Using social media, a special Mercy Projects group is being established to allow families to choose sizes and colors.  We are excited to partner with local believers to provide jobs and high quality brand new jackets.  MP also received a donation of 40,000 Gospels of John which will be distributed as well.  Our goal is to let families know they are not forgotten, that their sponsors pray for them, and that God is providing for them. 

Nesting Doll Sales Will Benefit the Hearts of Love Center

A large selection of Ukrainian nesting dolls is available again this year!  These dolls are not only a Christmas gift keepsake for your kids and grandkids, but they were hand-painted by Ukrainian artists.  We are thrilled to support many families in Ukraine through buying their artwork. 

All sales proceeds will benefit the Hearts of Love Child Center for special needs children.  Order soon while they are still available.  Thank you so much for your support of needy families this Holiday Season.  Go to or call our office about dolls that are not listed on the website.