Financial Stewardship

Igor and Yana Glushko serve children-at-risk with Mercy Projects Ukraine as missionaries in their own country.

Mercy Projects is a Christian 501c3 organization with a “Christ-centered, family-focused” vision of assisting vulnerable children, the poor, and the widow. We assist vulnerable children and families primarily in Ukraine with other ministry programs in Kosovo, Armenia, and Russia. Our approach is to strengthen families by providing ministry services for their specific needs.

Financial Stewardship

At Mercy Projects, financial stewardship is very important.  Jeff and Paula Thompson started Mercy Projects (formerly EEO) in 1980, the year they got married. The first donors were friends and family who attended their wedding. They have always felt a keen sense of responsibility for the donated funds given to the ministry.

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2020 Financial Statement   2020 IRS 990 Report

These ministry services provide support in four areas:

Financial – Financial support is provided to families in the Sponsorship Program

Education – We provide Education Centers in Ukraine and Kosovo and in Konotop (For Special Needs children).

Medical – We provide an annual package of medical supplies. Regional pharmacies across Ukraine to provide these supplies.

Spiritual & Emotional – We provide a Christian Childcare Coordinator to monitor each family in their caseload and to provide a support system for single mothers. Letter writing with their sponsors is included as well. We desire for each child and family to hear the gospel and to see it lived out. At-risk children also attend Christian camps. 

Financial stewardship is important because we are ultimately serving God, using His money supplied by our donors.  Saving money and keeping expenses low means more resources for the poor.  

We joined the ECFA to be financially accountable and we adhere to their 7 Standards of Fund Raising. The ECFA is a great organization dedicated to honesty and integrity. 

Making disciples of Christ is our priority and with your help, thousands of young lives are being transformed in Eastern Europe. Thank you for standing with us.