Missiles Flew By His Apartment but God and Nesting Dolls Saved His Life

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Hope and Heat This Christmas

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Visiting Widows in the War Zone

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Prayer Needed For Ukraine

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God’s Grace Rises from the Rubble

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Self Defense Ukrainian Style

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Ukraine War Update

April 2022 – from Jeff in Ukraine:  Last month I wrote this newsletter from an airplane.  To... Continue

Don’t Forget Us

March 2022 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, again... Continue

Zhenya Reports From Kyiv

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Ukraine Relief Fund

Mercy Projects has started a Relief Fund designated to provide assistance to Ukrainian families.  F... Continue

Kyiv – “We need to live this night”

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Sasha A Shares from the Front Lines

In this short Facebook interview, Ukrainian missionary and chaplain to the military, Sasha A., share... Continue