Kyiv Under Attack

June 13, 2024 – Reports continue of Russian cruise missiles and drones attacking Ukraine’... Continue

Soldier Finds Home Destroyed

On March 22, 2024 Ukrainian soldier visited his home in Khmelnytskyi. His parents, Anatoliy and Lyud... Continue

Missile Attack On Ukraine

March 14, 2024 The attack today in this central Ukraine city of Kryvyi Rih was declared a day of mou... Continue

Video: Our brother Nikolai

Nikolai Nikolaivich, our co-worker in the village of Stanislav near Kherson, gave his life serving o... Continue

Video: In the War Zone Near Kharkiv

MP director Jeff Thompson shares a brief video of a man who remains in his burnt out house and villa... Continue

Video: Delivering Seeds in Donbas

MP director Jeff is back in Donbas delivering seeds for spring planting, helping families feed thems... Continue

Video: Aid to Families in Donbas

Mercy Projects continues delivery of food and medical aid to families impacted by the war in Ukraine... Continue

While Tucker Interviews Putin the Destruction of Ukraine Continues

The Shelling of Selydove February 6, 2024 American journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Pu... Continue

Russia’s Purpose on War with Ukraine

Jan 13, 2024 Update: Russia’s stated purpose on the war with Ukraine (Putin calls it a “... Continue

Ukraine: Kherson Strike January 12th

What’s happening in Ukraine? The citizens live daily with the threat of attacks on civilian ta... Continue

Should the West be Helping Ukraine?

By Jeff Thompson Here is an excellent, short debate about the west helping Ukraine between two conse... Continue

Children’s Hospital Destroyed

January 6, 2024 – The Kharkiv, Ukraine regional military spokesman reports on a missile attack... Continue