Urim Zogaj

Kosovo Pastor Urim Zogaj #71387

Sponsor Pastor Urim

Urim Zogaj is a faithful Albanian believer and pastor of a small fellowship in Malisheve, in central Kosovo. His story is unique as he comes from a Muslim family.

As a 15-year-old teenager, just after the war in 1999, Urim’s aunt became a Christian while a refugee during the war. She shared her new faith with Urim, and Urim then gave his life to Christ too. As the war ended and people returned to their homes, Urim and his aunt became the first Christian believers in the Malisheve region.

Since that time, Urim attended the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Hungary and has been serving in Kosovo ever since. In November 2014 he was officially ordained as a pastor and eventually took over the fledgling church in Malisheve in July 2015. Serving as a pastor in a Muslim community is very difficult, especially in one’s hometown. Pastor Urim is committed to evangelism, making disciples, and serving the poor in the villages surrounding Malisheve.

Sponsorship of Pastor Urim is important because it means you are supporting him and the ministry of the church to reach the lost and help the poor in a Muslim country. His dream is to have his wife work with him full-time in the church. The couple has one young son.

Pastor Urim plans for the ministry in Kosovo to become self-supporting. Your sponsorship allows him to work toward this goal. Thank you for your support of Urim, his wife Teuta, and the church in Kosovo.