Write A Letter

boy-handwritingWrite as often as you like

Kids love letters and we encourage you to have as much contact as you like. A letter should be short and easy to write. Family news, kids, your life, are all topics they will love. Many families will keep their letters forever.  They show us their scrapbooks when we visit!  You don’t have to write, however, families love it when you do.

Two ways to write

Use the below form to write your letter. Upload a photo if you like. This is simple and quick.

Send an email instead to: sponsorletters@mercyprojects.org

If you email, please include your MP Acct ID#  /  their Acct ID# / and the family’s name. Send one email per family and attach one photo per email.

We review and process your letter and it is quickly sent overseas to be translated. Our childcare coordinators visit the Ukraine office once each month. They pick up letters at that time, and during the month will visit your family and hand-deliver the letter. We do not use the postal system.

Send Your Letter Today

Attach a Photo

Help With Translation ($5 min)

Learn about how letters have an impact.