The Hearts of Love Center

The Hearts of Love Center at Konotop, Ukraine is a unique resource center for children with special needs. Actually, it is a place where miracles happen.

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Lena Yuschenko, the founder and director, and her team have served the special children from this region of Ukraine since 1998. The center is not a government institution but has been privately developed and supported by Mercy Projects in partnership with Lena and her remarkable team. 

Today, the center serves 55 children with individualized assessment and learning techniques.

The center is completely free and has become a lifeline to these children and their families. They have nowhere else to get treatment for their children. Daily classes, therapy, and social skills are offered each day of the week including language, math, dance, music, crafts, and computer skills. The Hearts of Love Center stands as a beacon brightly shining the love of Christ. A monthly sponsorship starts at $29 per month. 

Your support makes miracles happen!

Support Hearts of Love

Your loving support provides them with therapy and love, and just as importantly, it provides their mothers with emotional support and respite.

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