Savochka Family

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Savochka family lives in a village in western part of Ukraine. There are six brothers and seven sisters in the family. The big family lives in a nine-room house. Their father is a common worker and a pastor and the mother is a housewife.
Eight children attend school. Roman is in the eleventh grade. His favorite school subject is P.E. In his free time he plays the guitar in a church orchestra. Vitaliy is in the tenth grade. He likes biology at school. After school he attends bandore and violin classes at music school. Yulia is in the ninth grade. Her favorite school subject is Ukrainian. Yulia plays the bandore – a Ukrainian stringed folk instrument. Lina is in the seventh grade. Her favorite class is meth. She also learns to play the piano. Oleg is in the sixth grade. He likes math at school. Oleg is studying to play the domra. Iryna is in the third grade. She likes lessons of reading at school. Iryna is learning to play the bandore. Natalia is in the second grade. She likes math. Maxym is in the first grade. He likes P.E. at school. Tymofiy is only four and stays home with his mother.

This is a family of strong believers. They all attend Christian evangelical church. Children sing and play in worship.

Please pray for the children’s health and for peace in Ukraine. Sponsorship of Savochka family will be a great encouragement for them.