Remzie Paqarizi Family

The Paqarizi Family ID #71417 

The father of this family, Valon, recently passed away from cancer.  Remzie, now a widow, is raising their two sons.

They live in the village of Dragobil, in central Kosovo.  Our local church partner Pastor Urim visits them and has asked us to find sponsors. 

Sponsor now

Today Remzie is raising two boys by herself.  Enis is 11 years old, (not pictured) and is in the 6th grade.  Younger brother Diar, 7 years old, is in the 2nd grade. Their father Valon had his own stone tile business and was an amazing stone master. About three years ago, however, he became ill and was diagnosed with cancer. When we visited the family he was weak and no longer working.  He has since passed away.

Sponsorship means providing Remzie and the boys with monthly groceries worth up to $75.  Thank you for considering supporting this family.