Petrunyok Family

Ukraine Family #42128 – $29 per month


Unfortunately Tetyana has many health problems due to having cerebral palsy, which affected the left side of her body. She has problems with her eyesight and speaks with difficulty. On top of all this, she has a brain tumor and epilepsy. The doctors don’t recommend that she would have surgery. Her mother also has health problems, but when asked what they were, she cries and says that she was only concerned about her daughter’s future.

The father used to work as a driver for a military unit but retired. And the mother mainly stays at home to look after their daughter. The family lives in a two-room house. The girl is too sick to work, so she stays home. Tetyana likes to listen to music and to sculpt out of plasticine.

The family is of the Orthodox faith and their prayer request is for Tetyana’s healing and for peace in Ukraine.