Oliynyk Family

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This is a nice family with four sons. They live in the apartment of their grandparents who had to move into countryside where there is more opportunity of growing food and keeping domestic animals. The father, Leonid, took part in combat operations in the eastern Ukraine. He volunteered in the first year of war, in 2014, and served till 2016. After he returned to peaceful life, he has been working as a masseur but is looking for a better job. Mother, Natalia is a housewife. Her brother Vyacheslav also lives with them in their three-room apartment.

The children are active, agile, and three older ones are good students at school. Illya is in the 7th grade. His favorite school subjects are English and math. He likes sports and is in track and field. Zakhar is in the 4th grade. His favorite school subject is Ukrainian literature. He is interested in computer. Mykhaylo is in the 1st grade. He likes to play with construction sets and to put puzzles together. Matviy goes to kindergarten.

This family needs prayer and moral support. Please pray for their financial situation to improve, for the father to forget about the war, for the children’s successful studies, and for peace in Ukraine.