Nisse Family

Ukraine Family #42218 – $29 per month


The parents Iryna and Oleksiy have been moving around Ukraine looking for the best place to live. At first it was the western part of the country, then Kyiv, and then they moved to Brusyliv. This is Iryna’s second marriage. She divorced the first husband due to his heavy drinking. When problems began in this family too, they started seeking help at church where they repented and received Christ.

Then father quit. Now only mother and children are attending church; they sometimes come to their first church in Kyiv. The children attend Sunday school. There are four daughters and a little son in the family. They bought a two-room old house and now are paying a loan.

Two children attend school. Sofia is in the eighth grade. She likes to play the flute; she attends flute class at music school three times a week. Sofia wants to be a musician or a veterinarian when she grows up. Ivanna is in the second grade at school. She likes to play with a construction set and to draw. After school she attends kick-boxing trainings. Ivanna wants to be a surgeon. Varvara is in kindergarten. She likes to draw, to cut and glue paper. Varvara wants to be a singer or a hairdresser. Davyd stays home with mother. He likes to play with toy-cars and a construction set and wants to become a dancer.

Sponsorship of the family will be very important for them. Please pray for the family to pay the loan successfully, for the spiritual condition of the family and for peace in Ukraine.