Nagorny Family

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Nagorny family lives in western part of Ukraine, in a village.There are six boys and six girls in the family. Older siblings are already married. Now the eigh of the children live with parents in their five-room house. The father receives alimony looking after his elderly mother and the mother is retired and receives pension. They breed geese and rabbits. Health-wise there are no serious problems in the family. The family attends a local Christian evangelical church. They are strong believers. The children are Sunday school students and youth group members.

Older children Vladyslav, Taras and Oksana are working. Margaryta is attending vocational school in order to become a cook. Four children attend school. Maxym is in the tenth grade. His favorite school subject is Ukrainian literature. In his free time he likes to fish. Sofia is in the ninth grade. Her favorite school class is P.E. After school she likes to play soccer. Vladyslav is in the sixth grade. He likes P.E. at school and plays soccer in his spare time. Artur is in the third grade. His favorite school subject is math.

Please pray for their health and for peace in Ukraine. Sponsorship will be a great encouragement for the whole family.