Melnyk Family

Ukraine Family #42370 – $29 per month


There are six people in Melnyk family: father, mother, three daughters, Margaryta, Viktoria and Veronika, and a long-awaited son, Daniil. They live in a small village Odrynky, in Rivne region, in the north-west of Ukraine.

Father Olexandr is a builder, but unfortunately there is no work for him in the village. He works on the side wherever he can find a job. He doesn’t want to leave the country to earn money somewhere else because he knows, that his children and wife need him more than the money.

Mother Tetyana spends all her time with the children trying to teach the girls such things as reading, embroidery and sewing. When she has spare time she sews and embroiders for sale to help the family. The girls are always around trying to help. Two children attend school. Viktoria is in the third grade. Her favorite school subject is drawing. Margaryta is in the first grade. She likes P.E. at school. Margaryta wants to be a painter in the future. Veronika and Danik stay at home with the mother – they are too young for school. They like to play together.

It is a very nice Christian family. They love the Lord, they love each other. They are just extremely poor now… The family asks to pray for the children, for a descent job for the father and for peace in Ukraine.

Sponsorship will be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.