Marmolenko Family

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There are four children in the family. (3 in the photo) With her first husband, Anna gave birth to two girls, Maria and Ksenia. Her husband, however, was a gambler and would not work.  Anna divorced him because of this. Her current husband is the father of Mykola and Nazar, their two younger sons.

When the war started Anna fled with the children. Mercy Projects found housing for them in Hungary.  Their father, Mykola, is unemployed back in Ukraine but works a little delivering pizza. Since the war started, Anna lives with the children in Budapest as a refugee. In the past, she had graduated from college and stayed home to raise the children. Today she does odd jobs in Budapest to try and survive. The two older girls are back in Ukraine. Anna with her two boys shares a two-bedroom apartment with another family. Health-wise they are doing good.

Maria graduated from the Academy and Ksenia is a college student. (when classes are not interrupted due to the war)

Nazar is in the 5th grade and his favorite school subject is IT. He and Mykola like Budapest but they prefer their school and friends in Ukraine. Nazar wants to be a computer programmer in the future. Mykola likes school subjects such as the Ukrainian language and wood workshops. They attend online Ukrainian school and in-person Hungarian school. Life is not easy for them.

They attend a Ukrainian language fellowship and ask for prayers for their father to find a job to support the family.

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