Marmolenko Family

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There are four children in the family. Anna’s first husband is the father of ther oldest daughter, Maria. He was a gambler, would not work, and for this reason, Anna left him. Anna made another attempt to have a family with him, but the only result of this attempt was her second daughter, Ksenia, who was born in 2001. Her current husband is the father of Mykola and Nazar, their two younger sons.

Their father, Mykola, is unemployed but works on the side delivering pizza. He also takes people home from church. The mother has graduated from college and used to work as a landscape designer. Then she stayed at home with the children for a time. She now works as an operator of gas-main pipelines. The five of them live in a two-room apartment. Health-wise the boys don’t have problems. The oldest daughter, Maria has high blood sugar.

Maria graduated from the Academy. Ksenia is a third year student at college where she studies law. The two younger boys attend school. Nazariy is in the 5th grade and his favorite school subject is IT. In his free time he likes to swim. Nazariy wants to be a computer programmer in the future. Mykola is in the 4th grade and his favorite school subjects are literature and workshop. He is interested in robotechnics. After school he attends a swimming pool. Mykola wants to be a cook when he grows up.

The family attends a local church, Christian Light of Life. The children used to study at Christian school but due to financial reasons, had to return to a public school. They ask you to pray for the father to find a decent job, for the family relationships, and for peace in Ukraine.

Sponsorship will be a blessing for the Marmolenko family.