Lukyanchuk Family

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Lukyanchuk family lives in a small village in Western Ukraine. This family of eight lives in a house with four rooms. Mother is retired and father works as a social worker.

The children are not in good health. They often catch colds. A lot of children in Ukraine have weak immune systems, which is a consequence of bad ecology. One of the daughters Valentyna was operated because of cancer and had chemotherapy afterwards. Mother has problems with her heart and needs surgery.

Older daughter Tetyana is temporarily unemployed due to quarantine measures. Ruvim is in construction. Natalia is studying in order to become a cook. She teaches in Sunday school. Two children attend school. Solomia is in the tenth grade. Her favorite school subjects are Ukrainian and drawing. In her free time she likes to draw. Solomia wants to become a computer programmer. Olexandr is in the eighth grade. He likes history at school. After school he likes to cook and wants to be a cook when he grows up.

This is a family of believers. They attend local Pentecostal church. At first, mother became a Christian. Before their marriage Vyacheslav, the father, was a satanist and seemed impossible to be brought to the Lord. God revealed His strength and grace to them when Vyacheslav spent three months in a hospital almost dying of stomach disorder and it was then when he came to Christ. Now parents are both church members, and when Vyacheslav plays with his children, he sings psalms, which they love. But Vyacheslav still has a brother and parents who are not saved. They ask you to pray for Valentyna to be healed, for their relatives’ repentance as well as about peace in Ukraine.