Konotop “Hearts of Love” Center

Ministry Sponsorship #41714 – $29 per month


The Hearts of Love Center at Konotop, Ukraine is a place where miracles happen. The remarkable story of Lena Yushenko and her team who established a haven for “special needs” children in Konotop, Ukraine is inspiring.

Lena’s daughter’s medical needs opened Lena’s eyes to the plight of children with special needs in her community. Today, the center serves 50 children each day and hosts church services on weekends.

Mercy Projects is privileged to work with Lena and her team. The center has become such a lifeline to these children who would otherwise have nowhere to go to get the support they need.

Daily classes are held during the week including English, math, dance, music, crafts, and computer skills.

Over the past several years, city officials have come to Lena to thank her for her efforts on behalf of these forgotten children. Privately funded by supporters of Mercy Projects, the Hearts of Love Center stands as a beacon shining the love of Christ brightly for the poor and the handicapped.

The Amazing Ministry at the Hearts of Love Center
The Hearts of Love Center needs monthly sponsors to keep its doors open. With increasing costs for heating and electricity, the Center must scramble to keep serving these special children.

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