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Pavlo was a teacher of the elementary school, but always wanted to learn Wushu, Chinese traditional martial art, which is a sport now. After a Chinese teacher of Wushu arrived in Kyiv in 1990s, Pavlo became his dedicated student. During these classes he met Iryna and they started a new family. Iryna was a teacher of English and German.

There are three children in the family now: Zahariy, 2012, Marta 2014 and Alisa, 2016. Both parents are true believers, they also practice healthy life style. They live in the village in a tiny summer house with only two rooms and not finished bathroom. The teacher’s fee is meager and they are not able to finish the addition to the house. The financial situation in the family is very bad: all gyms are closed and it is not allowed to gather for trainings – there has not been any income in the family since the lockdown. They survive having a kitchen garden.

In spite of all this difficulties all family members have big plans and believe in their future. The children enjoy space and play outdoors a lot. All children are bright and smart. Zahariy likes adventures. Marta is an energetic and active girl with a strong character. Alisa is a soft spot of everyone in the family and a comfort during difficult times. Zahariy attends school. He finished 2nd grade. His favorite school subjects are math and «I am in the world». In his free time he likes to help his dad with fixing things and mowing grass. After school he attends a crafts class where he is making flying models. Zahariy wants to be an inventor when he grows up. Marta attends kindergarten. She likes to play with dolls and to put puzzles together. Alisa plays with older brother and sister and helps her mother to hang out the laundry.

The family is trying to use the land around the house to grow vegetables and fruits. But as the father is the only one who can provide, this nice family needs help. Please pray for their courage, for wisdom in raising the children, for their plans to be fulfilled, and for peace in Ukraine.