David and Dottie LeCompte

Our Journey Comes Full Circle: Training the Next Generation

For some time now, Dottie and I have sensed that our season of ministry here in Europe was winding down.  We are at peace that we served others to the fullest extent and now sense an urgency to disciple the next generation of believers.

What excites us about this next step is that we get to disciple and train believers from both the west and the east.  Places like the Caucasus, the Republic of Georgia and Armenia, that so need the gospel.

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Our friend pastor Brian Bell at Calvary Murrieta exhorted us with these words.  

“You guys have been the point of the spear for over three decades! Now, the Lord is asking you to be the shaft of the spear, infusing your passion into the younger generation, multiplying your fruit and effectiveness”    

Our History in the Caucasus

In the mid 1990’s we left EEO to start In His Fields and ministry to the Northern Caucasus. After many years in that part of the world, we ended up in Germany and France working with Muslim immigrants. Amazingly, over the past few years, we have reconnected with many of our old friends from the Caucasus who are secret believers.

While visiting Tbilisi, Georgia I found some of my Caucasus friends as well as Calvary Chapel Tbilisi.  I sensed the Lord was doing something special. From there, I took a 3 hour taxi ride to visit Jeff Thompson of Mercy Projects, (formerly EEO) at their dairy farm project in Armenia. During our time together, he shared that MP also wants to develop the farm into a place where Bible school students from the US / Europe can be trained and have cross-cultural experiences with other indigenous believers. 

This visit was clearly God’s providence.  Dottie and I feel like we have come full circle.  We used to work with Jeff and the team at EEO, and today the Lord has brought us back to disciple the next generation.

We are excited to join MP and begin this new chapter. We continue to live by faith, depending on the Lord and the support of like-minded friends.

We ask for your prayers and financial support as we embark on this new journey. (and continue the old one!)


David and Dottie