Andriy Kolbovskyi

Christian Worker Ukraine #41949– $29 per month


Andriy is a Christian Ministry Worker with Mercy Projects Ukraine. He has been working as a counselor in our Christian camps since 2005. In 2006 Andriy started working as a volunteer, reaching children in public schools and orphanages with the gospel of Christ.

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Andriy and his small team of 4 people work with “at-risk” children: orphans, children from families with difficult situations, or alcoholic families. There are several projects that Andriy is involved in.

“Freeway” center for teenagers is in Brovary, Kyiv region. It runs three times a week. “We try to do different things with children after school: master classes, discussion groups, sports competitions. It helps us to prevent children from using drugs and alcohol. By the end of the school year, we invite them to our Christian camp,” says Andriy. Every summer, about 50 children attend “Freeway” Christian camp. These are children from different social groups, with different stories and experiences, “…but God has provided us with a great time and lots of joy for children from families in difficult life situations who lack so much,” comments Andriy. The program includes English classes, contests, workshops, team creative performances, sports competitions, and Bible studies.

Every year, Andriy and his team do a Christian camp in the village Mokrets, Kyiv region, at the orphanage “Nadiya” (Hope). The main purpose of the camp is to help the local church involve more children in ministry and to help the local orphanage. 80 to 120 children come to this camp every year.

The next project of this small team is visiting an orphanage in Ivankiv, Chernobyl area. They want to encourage the local church to visit the orphanage on a weekly basis.

Andriy is married and has a son.

We’ll be grateful for any help. God bless you!

Andriy Kolbovskyi -Snowdrop Ministry Update