Andriy Kolbovskyi

Christian Worker Ukraine #41949– $29 per month


Andrey is a Christian worker/missionary with Mercy Projects Ukraine. He has been working in our Christian camps as a counselor since 2005. Since 2006, he has been working as a volunteer reaching students in public schools with the gospel of Christ.

Andrey is also part of our Ukraine anti-human-trafficking team. He is very informed on the subject and teaches the dangers of trafficking to students of all ages. Andrey and his team of 4 people recently started a new ministry in the small town Brovary (30 km from Kyiv): they opened youth club after school hours.

“We try to do different things with children after school: master classes, discussion groups, sports competitions. It helps us to prevent children from using drugs and alcohol. By the end of the school year we invite them to our Christian camp.”

The majority of adults in Ukraine and specially in small villages don’t know about human trafficking. Children and students know even less. “This is not a topic they are aware of which is why it is so important that we reach them with a warning and proper information. The team plans for discussions with children, where we can also invite the parents to learn more.”

“Human trafficking is extremely unfair and degrading for human beings. Each one of us is created by God and enters the world as a free and unique personality. We are born with value, made in His image with potential and talents, provided by God in order to serve others. Slavery in all its forms destroys the person. God has given us attributes of free will, feelings, and the human right to freely pursue the life God has given us.”

Andrey is married and has a 3-year-old son. He’ll be grateful for any help. God bless you!