Rebuilding and Giving Kids Hope

June 2024 – We are rebuilding the farm in Armenia into a retreat center for ministry, This takes place while we conduct our annual summer camps, with your help, for at-risk young people. Thank you for reaching these kids for Christ.

For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 Cor 5:1

Andriy teaches robotics.

The MP Farm in Armenia has a new name! It is now called “Rancho Stepanavan” and is rising from the ashes to become a beacon of light for the gospel in the Caucasus.  At the farm, we are rebuilding the ruins of old buildings into new ones.  At our camps, however, we are rebuilding young lives, building them up to become strong followers of Christ.

Summer Camps Build New Lives

The best time to reach young people with the gospel is 5-15 years of age. Organizations like Youth For Christ, Barna, and others have all confirmed this by publishing similar research.

They are raising their foster kids for Christ.

One of the biggest factors for young people is having a trustworthy adult in their life. This reflects our own experience, that when they have a godly summer camp counselor they connect with the kids respond to the gospel. Our prayer is that young people will develop close relationships with their counselors and open up about their lives. Please pray for our camps to be effective in building relationships this summer.

Five Camps Planned

“Jeff, we would like to have a camp for foster families in June at the EEO mission base in Hungary. Also, Hearts of Love kids are hoping for a camp, as well as two camps in July in western Ukraine. Is this possible?” Yulia asked. “Our foster families really need a break and need to get away with all of their kids from the air raid sirens. They would love to go to Hungary to get away.”

MP foster families are raising orphans in their homes as a big family; several of them have 8-10 kids. The ongoing war and constant bombing in Ukraine has taken a toll on them.

I immediately said yes and then asked the Lord about the funds. I respect these families so much. They exhibit the heart of God, day in and day out, as they raise these kids as their own. This is what Jesus did for us. We were spiritual orphans and He invited us into His family. With your help, we hope to provide an amazing camp experience for these kids.

Many Counselors Are Former Kids

The other two camps in western Ukraine will be for kids in the MP Sponsorship Program who have returned to Ukraine. Our staff has decided that the camp location in the Carpathian region is safe and stable, far away from big cities.  A few select young people who attended day camps last year will join this year as assistant or “junior” counselors.  Again, the key is a trustworthy adult and making disciples as they build relationships.

Teaching robotics using Legos and computers

When Anya was asked what she loved most about camp, she said, “My counselor. She was so fun and nice!”

Last year we did day camps in various locations because of the war. We also trained churches to run their own camps. This year, we have found safe locations and are stepping out in faith to hold these week long camps inside Ukraine.

Armenia and Ukraine: Wars, Refugees and Kids

Our camp in the Republic of Georgia on the Black Sea was for Armenians from needy families. Now however, we bring kids from poor families and from refugee families from the war with Azerbaijan.  In addition, Ukrainian orphans who escaped out of Russia will attend again this year as well.

Our theme will be to have fun, go to the beach, teach life skills, and talk about Jesus and the difference He makes in our lives. Each day begins with chapel time and calisthenics, and then flows into master classes of English, Bible discussion, sports, and crafts. Evenings will include games, dances and singing from each country represented.

Support A Camper

With your help, $175 will sponsor one camper.   Refugees from war, orphans, and foster kids will experience the love of Jesus. Please pray for the camp outreach this summer.

Summer = 5 Camps: 250 Campers: $175 pp: 1 Gospel Message

Thank you for your support as Jesus rebuilds young lives.