While Tucker Interviews Putin the Destruction of Ukraine Continues

The Shelling of Selydove

February 6, 2024 American journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin. During that 2-hour interview and history lesson from Putin’s warped perspective, Russian missile strikes continued to hit cities across Ukraine. 

The small town of Selydove, near Pokrovsk in the Donetsk oblast, was hit with 8 rockets. One of them hit an apartment building, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said. A 50-year-old woman died as a result of the shelling, her body was retrieved from the rubble by rescuers.

Seven people were injured. Among them is a 6-year old boy as well as two men and four women. One of the women was 83 years old. 
At this time the damage to civilian structures is quite widespread. 


February 7 after midnight they attacked the Kharkiv Oblast and civilian buildings in the town of Zmiiv with multiple drones.  Rescuers extinguished fires in the hotel building, a restaurant and 3 passenger cars. A civilian security guard was injured. 

Most people in the West and in America are not aware of the ongoing, daily, missile and drone and rocket attacks taking place against civilians in Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Putin

Not one question was asked about targeting civilians and residential homes. Tucker also declined to ask about the 25,000 children abducted to Russia from Ukraine.

The interview was a two-hour marathon of Putin’s personal take on history and a historical Russian claim to the area of Ukraine. According to Putin, they attacked Ukraine out of self defense against NATO. 

Putin claimed: 

🤡 Ukraine is an artificial state created by Lenin and Stalin.
🤡 The war “will end within a few weeks” if Western countries stop supplying Ukraine with weapons
🤡 The Poles refused to peacefully surrender to Hitler and forced him to start World War II

The war crimes committed by the Russians in Irpen, Bucha and other cities of Ukraine were never mentioned. 

Tucker Carlson seems to think that the world will be a safer place with Putin having his way dictating UN security.