Walking the Land

November 2022 – I spent a week recently at the MP farm in northern Armenia.  What a beautiful piece of property it is.  We even stayed at the farm, in a small building previously used for storage.  Now it is like a “studio farmhouse” with indoor plumbing!

We walked the land at the farm and I thought of Abraham.

He left his home and relatives, everything familiar to him, to journey to a land that he didn’t know.  The obstacles were tremendous.  When he arrived to Shechem, the bible says extreme famine hit and he sought refuge in Egypt.  In other words, he obeyed God, left his home in faith, journeyed to Canaan, and immediately experienced famine.

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After his return from Egypt, God told Abraham to “walk the land” because God was going to give it to his descendants.  As I walked the farm I was struck by its beauty and the potential it represents.  It renewed my vision for this farm.  Like Abraham, it was good for me to “walk the land.”  (Ok, no more comparisons with Abraham)  Indeed the obstacles seem daunting.  A foreign language, a foreign culture, poverty, corruption, hail storms, inflation, etc. are all obstacles.  However, the promise and potential of helping people in need for a very long time is what encourages and motivates us.

Prayer Needs for Armenia and Our Farm

The needs are numerous but please pray we get the cow shelter completed before winter.  Snow arrived in the mountains and it is just a few weeks before the cold weather sets in.  Pray for our new construction manager Hamlet.  He has many projects to prioritize and accomplish.

And pray that we find better milk-producing cows.  We hope to bring cows in from Europe, but this is more expensive.  A few of the local cows were not “as advertised.”  Thank you for your support of this project!

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