Ukraine Relief Fund

Mercy Projects has started a Relief Fund designated to provide assistance to Ukrainian families.  Funds will be used for the greatest need including Refugee assistance, emergency aid, food, clothing, medicine, and a multitude of other requests.  Many are fleeing for neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania.  Others have no choice but to stay put and seek shelter in basements and underground subway stations.
Support Ukraine

Relief funds shall be distributed in partnership with our staff on the ground along with the help of other partner organizations.  We believe in a collaborative effort to help the most people in the most effective way.

The most vulnerable part of society in Ukraine are the handicapped children and their mothers. We will focus our assistance on them and their particular needs, in addition to the needs of our staff and their families and church families.

Mercy Projects Ukraine has a large network of believers and others ready to assist those in need. Please help today.

If you know of specific needs inside Ukraine, please email us at

Mercy Projects is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Murrieta, CA. We have worked in Ukraine for 28 years assisting at-risk children and those in need.