The Krasniqi Family

Mrs Fatmire Krasniqi #71415

Fatmire Krasniqi is a single mother of three children and lives in the city of Malisheve, Kosovo.   Her daughter, Resmije was born in 2013, her son, Riad, was born in 2016, and her youngest son, Rezon, was born in 2019.  Fatmire separated from her husband two years ago.  In 2021, she applied and qualified for special housing provided by the municipality of Malisheve for needy families.   She is extremely grateful as they are now living in an apartment for free.

Sponsor now

The family receives 120 Euros per month from the government.  Most of this, however, goes for food, electricity bills, clothes, and school supplies for the children.  Fatmire does not work as she is the only adult and must care for the children and does her best to fill the role of mother and father.

The two older children go to school.  Resmije is in the 4th grade and has a condition with her eyes that will require surgery soon.  Riad is in the 1st grade; and the youngest, Rrezon, stays home with his mother.

Fatmire and her children will benefit greatly from the Mercy Projects grocery program.  Sponsorship provides 60 Euros per month of groceries.  They will also receive encouragement from Pastor Urim and his wife, along with the invitation to go to church, and the opportunity to attend English classes.   Sponsorship will be a great blessing to this family.