Sasha Andrishyina

Sasha Andrishyina is a chaplain to the Ukrainian military sharing the love of Christ.  She serves actively on the frontlines praying with soldiers and sharing her faith. She needs monthly sponsorship as a Ukrainian missionary. 

Sasha is a Ukrainian National Missionary with Mercy Projects in Ukraine.  She was instrumental in starting our Christian camp ministry many years ago and today is a missionary in the Eastern Ukraine war zone.

Her ministry is focused on evangelism. She works as a chaplain to the troops and shares the gospel with them under extreme danger and hardship. Sasha also ministers to widows, needy families, and local missionaries in the small villages near the frontline. These are largely forgotten areas where people live with the sounds of gunfire and mortar rockets. Supporting Sasha means you are assisting her to bring God’s love to hurting people each day.

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