Muhaxheri Family

This Widow Is Raising 6 Children

#71418 – Mrs. Nerxhivane Muhaxheri

This is a family of seven in Lladrovsk, Kosovo has a very sad story.

The mother of the three oldest children died from a tumor 10 years ago. Her husband and the three kids were deeply saddened by this tragedy.  The kids were young and their father married again.

His second wife, Nerxhivane, had three more children.  They were a happy family until tragedy struck again.  After 10 years of marriage, their father died from a heart attack.

Sponsor now

Fortunately, there are no current health issues in the family.  Sponsorship provides groceries each month. Our local partner has invited them to church.  Your help gives them a future and we pray they will find faith in God.