Krasniqi Family

Holding a precious letter from a sponsor during this difficult time.

Kosovo Family #71402 – $29 per month
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The Krasniqi family lives in the village of Malisheve in Kosovo. The father Adnan and mother Zahrie raise two young boys together. Their son Agonis was born in 2010 and Diar was born in 2012. Both boys have been attending Pastor Urim’s church in Malisheve. They participate in the Kids Club program that gives local children a safe place to learn English and be introduced to Jesus.

In 2017, doctors discovered that Adnan had a tumor on his brain. His condition worsened while being treated with chemotherapy. Adnan is now bedridden at home, and a nearby hospital sends nurses to administer treatments to him at home. The situation has been very difficult for the family to watch as he is in tremendous pain. Zahrie expressed that it is so hard to see him die slowly and not be able to do anything to help him.

This family of four currently lives in an apartment. They do not own the building as the government is allowing them to live there temporarily.

The Krasniqi family receives only 100 Euros a month to help with their expenses. The family however does not receive any help to pay the utilities (ie: electricity, water, or trash removal).

Sponsorship for this family means that you help provide 50 Euros worth of groceries for them each month; it also gives Pastor Urim the opportunity to make regular home visits to pray and minister to this Muslim family. The assistance from Mercy Projects will be a great blessing to this family that is in a vulnerable situation.