Igor Glushko

Christian Worker Ukraine #42372– $29 per month


Igor Glushko is 36 years old, married, with three wonderful children. Igor tells his story:

I was born and grew up in a family where my father was addicted to alcohol and my mother had to raise six children alone. Since adolescence, I have already started to work to help my mother, but of course I also learned about other aspects of adult life: I found out what is alcohol, drugs and crime. My family suffered a lot because of all this. I couldn’t do anything….

My brother Sergey Glushko and other people from Teen Challenge in Kyiv spent a lot of time with me trying to help me understand the depth and the power of God. And how much my family needs me. On my way I realized how much pain the drugs cause to families, relatives, mothers, wives and children.

Now I am a member of Teen Challenge Kyiv. I serve in street ministry of methadone program for street people and former addicts. I have a heart for these people because I was one.

Another place of ministry is Service Coffee House, where we invite people who need help, support and encouragement. It is also a bridge for referral to rehabilitation centers or local churches.

Our team travels to other cities of Ukraine for training and assistance in opening such services as Coffee House. Recently we held a conference in Vinnitsa (city in Ukraine), and now we are going to Moldova to open a Coffee House for street children.

I’m also happy to be a part of a team of Mercy Projects, helping in the camps for children and teenagers. I testify about the power of God and I can relate to the young people. I believe that the good that we sow will sprout in its time and bear its fruit.

I thank you for your open heart and for your material and prayerful support.