Barabash Family

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The Barabash family would be a normal family with two children and both parents if their son Yevgen would not be born with genetic disorder of metabolism, which, in turn, resulted in autism. They diagnosed him when he was 3 years old. They tried various therapies and treatments but nothing would change except for acquiring financial debts. Yevgen would feel worse and mother was in distress and depression and has almost lost hope. Her son was in condition when he could not be left alone having aggression attacks, uncontrollable behavior and involuntary toilet. Their apartment was becoming unfit for living. Father would leave for work in the morning (he works in migration service) and mother had to stay with her son by herself. She could not afford turning away for a second – Yevgen would start tear away wallpaper, break TV set, gnaw on things. She brought him to the Hearts of Love Center in 2017 with tears and apologies for her son’s bad behavior with no hope for changes for better. She needed a break to rest morally and physically.

Yevgen’s behavior has significantly improved. He stopped putting stuff into his mouth, his aggression subsided and he has learned to execute simple commands – to sit, to stand, to lift and give something and is getting accustomed to a bathroom. He still needs supervision because he doesn’t understand danger but it is much easier with him now. Parents are happy when Yevgen learns something new. It is possible now to leave him for a couple of hours at the Hearts of Love Center and mother is more confident and calm now as she sees her son’s progress.

Please pray for this family. Sponsorship will be a big support and help to them and a sign of God’s love.