Soldiers Hear the Gospel

Sasha ASoldiers Hear the Gospel in the Ukraine War Zone

A longtime friend of Mercy Projects and former staff missionary, Sasha A. knows what danger is. She lives and works completely on faith, depending on God for support.

Recently she wrote: “As always when it’s from God — your support came so on time when I highly needed it!”

“August 24 in Ukraine is our Independence Day. After Christmas and Easter, it is our third biggest holiday in Ukraine. These holidays are the busiest seasons for me,” Sasha writes.

What is so special about her ministry is the reputation she has built up with the military commanders. She continues, “The commanders are especially active inviting me to talk to their soldiers, even to pray for them. It usually takes me about two weeks to visit all the troops who invite me. This time I visited 7 locations in the war zone. When I traveled there, 320-340 soldiers hear the gospel and I pray with many of them.”

“I visit the troops, spending a few days in each location, and work with soldiers as a psychologist and chaplain.

Sasha Awarded the Combat Cross

I was so surprised, but a few weeks ago I was awarded a Combat Cross by one of the army units.  It is a big honor for me. I want my supporters to know that their support is being used so soldiers hear the Gospel and turn to Him.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.  Please continue to pray for my thyroid and general health. Praying for God’s blessings upon you.
Sasha A.


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