You Are A Huge Gift From God

This past summer support from Mercy Projects helped a large group of kids with handicaps and their parents experience a time of respite by the Black sea. What for us may look like an expense item in a spreadsheet, was for them, the 37 kids, 24 mothers, a foster family of 7 and 4 volunteers, a life-changing event, and inspiration from God.

Lena, the director from the Hearts of Love Center and the organizer of the trip, shared with us;

“You simply can’t understand what your support means to these families!  One of the moms told me:

‘Sometimes I don’t believe myself that I was at the seaside with my child.  This time of joy and support is a miracle.  I look at the pictures and joy fills me up to the top.’

“You are a huge gift from God.  Even my unbelieving moms are praying for God’s blessing upon the sponsors!  They will never forget your kindness…but please pray for them too!”