Violent Storm At Our Armenia Farm

August 2022 – “What happened?”  I asked, shocked by what I saw.  The cow shelter stood in shreds, the plastic covering completely torn.

“Just a few days before you and Paula arrived, a hailstorm swept through the region as we had never seen before,” Sargis, the farm director shared.

Support MP

The previous owner used the cheapest plastic and materials.  We need to reinforce the frame, and use heavier plastic,” he said.

Sargis has lived in this region all his life.  His help is indispensable in navigating the relationship with government inspectors.  Still, we could see the weariness in his eyes.  At this time there are 10 cows and 9 calves to care for, and his quick action saved the calves from the hailstones by herding them into another structure.

More Land Available

The cows are at pasture for the summer and the land owners have offered us an annual lease on 35 acres of pastureland, allowing us to increase the number of cows.  We are grateful to be able to lease more pastureland and additional land for growing feed for the cows, but we were still pretty demoralized to see the condition of the farm.  We are also searching for another building contractor.  There is a lot of work to do and we need all the prayer support we can get!


The Good News

  1. We have 10 cows and 9 calves.
  2. We will lease 35 acres of pastureland.
  3. We will plant an additional 8 acres of feed
  4. We didn’t lose any cows in the storm.



The Bad News – (Prayer-needs!)

  1. We need to completely rehab the main cow shelter.
  2. The building projects became more expensive.  (Barn, team house, small farmhouse)
  3. Milk pasteurization and cheese-making equipment is needed.
  4. Progress is much slower than we anticipated.


Letters from the War in Ukraine

This is a letter excerpt from a Christian young man from Kyiv on the frontline.  He received armor vests and first aid kits.

“We were sent to Severodonetsk.  There we held the defense.  The boys and I were a little abandoned holding the line in a strategic building.  The drone has saved our lives several times.  It needs to be modified, but it is still working great.

Unfortunately, I received a direct hit from a tank on the last day.  It tore off a piece of my lower back and I caught fire.  I am currently in a hospital in Kyiv.  During the retreat, my boys burned all my things.  And the medicine that you handed over helped save more than one life, as well as armored vests.  Thank you very much for that.“

From Lena at Hearts of Love

“Dear Jeff and Paula, Thank you for your support in this difficult time.  On the 22 of July we got the car.  Thank you!  It is now at the frontline with my nephew Lyosha.

It was a miracle from God to get such a great car for that price.  He called me and I could hear joy and sadness in his voice, joy because of the great car, and sadness because it is hard there.  He says that often they are under constant fire for days, they mostly sit in the trenches, not able even to raise their heads and no weapons to shoot back.  It is very important to have cars to get supplies and to drive the wounded to the hospital.  They are on the frontlines and can’t leave unless driving wounded soldiers to safety.

Support Ukraine

He is very grateful and asked me to tell thank you for Mercy Projects’ help.  He said without help from friendly countries, it is impossible to win the war without it.”

We keep praying and believe in our victory, but we mostly put our faith in the perfect God’s plan for Ukraine.  Please, keep us in your prayers, it really works.”

In closing, the war continues unabated in Ukraine.  Many refugees, however, are returning home because they have nowhere else to go.  Most of the families with handicapped children remain in Konotop at Hearts of Love.  This is a dangerous area and Lena covets your prayer.  We have so many financial needs at this time, that we simply ask you to pray and help as is possible.  The farm needs much work, and we continue to supply hundreds of battlefield first aid kits and armored vests to our friends in Ukraine.  Your support of Mercy Projects is saving lives.  Thank you so much.