Sponsors Encourage Families in Kosovo

A Brief Kosovo Update

Jeff Thompson reports from Kosovo where he and pastor Urim visited several families.

In one family, the father Adnan has brain cancer.  He receives regular chemotherapy, paid for by the free healthcare system.  He cannot walk and stays in bed most of the time.  Adnan is married to Zaharie and they have two young boys.  I asked if they have ever received a letter from their sponsor. 

“Oh yes,” said Zaharie, “it is behind you.”

I looked behind me and there on the top of the couch was a nice letter from their sponsor, encouraging Zaharie to be strong.  While the husband slept we enjoyed Turkish coffee and prayed for the family.

The letters you send as a sponsor are so important.  And the $65 worth of groceries they receive each month is literally keeping them alive.  

The Zabela Family

Zabela family
The stove keeps us warm as Urim listens to their story in the one-room home.

This family lives and sleeps in one room.  Their 15-year-old daughter, Marigona, has a skin disease on her feet.  It is very painful for her to walk.  This infection, they said, has been there since she was a baby.  They think that she suffered frostbite as a six-month-old baby.  We hope to get a better medical opinion to see how we can help.

We prayed with the family and promised to help with a doctor’s visit.  Again, they were so very thankful for the monthly sponsorship of $65 worth of groceries.  Urim also teaches English to a few of their children.