Social Orphans and Family Development

Local counselor Maksim assists a young man at camp to learn archery

Social orphans are children living in orphanages or on the streets. They have parents somewhere. Global orphan statistics shed virtually no light on the reality of the vast number of social orphans who have one or two living parents, yet experience life as if they did not.

Child and Family Development

Children deserve to be raised in safe and loving families. This is our first goal in Family Sponsorship. We work to aid families of widows, single mothers, and other families at risk of disintegration. We provide support resources including a local Christian caseworker to assist them in their difficult situation. 

The trauma of rejection and abandonment by parents is something not easily healed.  Counselors in our camp ministry seek to mentor and disciple young people, becoming like a trusted friend or father figure, to help them navigate life. Ultimately, we believe the most important step in their journey is to experience the love and power of Christ. 

When birth parents have died or are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care, we encourage placing orphans in permanent, loving families through adoption, first in their own country, and in Ukraine, we advocate for them to be placed in Christian foster families.