Raising Trip Support

Fundraiser goal thermometerGoing on a mission trip with Mercy Projects? Welcome!

Please download the tools below to get started. We will assist you each step in your fundraising journey to communicate your upcoming mission.

This is always a step of faith. We will offer and suggest various tools for raising money for your trip, however, prayer and guidance from the Lord is the key.

Before sending out support letters:

1. Step One – Fill out trip application / pay$50 deposit. You must be approved for the trip before sending out letters!

2. Step Two – Download Support Packet (includes a sample support letter, support ideas, support policies). You can also just Download the Sample Support Letter.


3. Step Three- Use Funraise (our MP fundraising platform)  (or any other similar platform) as an online fundraising tool for social media campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. If you do not use this tool, you can send your supporters to give directly on our website at www.mercyprojects.org/support/trip-donations



Contact Zach with any questions or for help at missiontrips@mercyprojects.org or 951-696-5244.