Raising Trip Support

Fundraiser goal thermometerGoing on a mission trip? Welcome!

We will assist you with each step in your fundraising journey. 

The Support Raising Packet includes tools and ideas for fundraising.  However, prayer and guidance from the Lord are the key.

1. Fill out your trip application and pay a $50 deposit

(You must be approved for the trip before raising support. Are you part of a group? See your group leader. Your application with your school or church will suffice)

2. Download Support Raising Packet

(includes a sample support letter, ideas, and policies)

3. Download the sample support letter by itself.

4. mercyprojects.org/mission-trip-donations

Provide this link to your friends and supporters via email, text, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Be sure to personalize your emails and letters to friends and family. Create a list of people with their contact information for you to contact. And remember, donations on your behalf go towards the camp or ministry project. We track them for you, but all donations are non-refundable.

Contact us with questions at missiontrips@mercyprojects.org or 951-696-5244.