Making Space for Divine Disruption

The ministry of Safe Families For Children trains families and churches to provide a safe haven for vulnerable children in our local communities. The challenge however, is that we must be willing to “disrupt” our daily lives to serve the Lord and children in need.

An update from Paula Thompson – She was eleven years old, looking me straight in the eye and shaking her head. “No, you won’t give it back to me!” (I had asked for her cell phone prior to bedtime)

“Everyone always says they will give my things back, but they never do! That’s what always happens…they lie!” Already, life had taught young Emily that she could trust no one, not even the adults in her life. Why would she trust me?

IMG_1999(web)The phone call came from Safe Families For Children just two days earlier. A grandmother, raising her two granddaughters, needed to go into the hospital. With their father in jail and their mother unavailable, there was no support network for this family. All they needed was a safe place to stay while their grandma had some time to rest and recuperate. County authorities stated that if not for Safe Families, the two girls would most likely have been placed in foster care.

We had never hosted at-risk kids before and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! Emily and her six year-old sister, Rose, stayed with us for a total of three weeks. We took them to school, to church, to the park, and gave them lots of love. What a privilege it was to have these girls in our home … to make space for them at our dinner table, in our hearts, and in our lives. For three short weeks, we were given an opportunity to be God’s love to them.

It wasn’t easy and the girls were often rebellious and difficult. I guess they were much like we were before Christ saved us. Emily, Rose, and their grandma were reunited and have since moved out of state to live with relatives. This divine disruption blessed our family because it gave us the chance to show the love of Jesus in a very tangible way. Looking back, I’m so glad God brought these little girls to our dinner table.

The Bible says that one day we will dine with Him at His banquet table. He has invited us, in all our rebelliousness, into His family, to sit at His table. We pray that your support of Mercy Projects will result in thousands of vulnerable children having a seat at that same heavenly table.

God is using your prayers and support to “divinely disrupt” lives out of despair and hopelessness. Thanks for being there and sharing your faith with the poor and vulnerable.