Life in a Bomb Shelter

Year-end Update from Jeff and Paula

Stoves delivered to families in need.

“We won’t celebrate Christmas this year.  We all understand that.  This is not the time.  We will probably be in a bomb shelter on Christmas.  But we are in Ukraine and we are free.”

Our friends said the above words recently.  They weren’t complaining.

Paula and I are thankful for the outpouring of support this year for the people of Ukraine.  I have spent much time distributing aid to those in need.  This war is not close to being over and our friends and staff are grateful for your help.  Their determination to live in freedom is inspiring.

Living in the basement of bombed out building

Paula Continues:  “Air Raid in Kyiv”

I went with Jeff in October because I wanted to be with him and support our staff.  I was definitely concerned about the recent missile strikes.  One missile hit 1/2 mile from our office.  The situation was unpredictable but I knew that I should go.  It was peaceful when we arrived, and Jeff left a few days later for the war zone near Donetsk.  We agreed that it was safer for me to stay in Kyiv.

The morning he left however, Russia sent several drones to strike Kyiv.  The air raid sirens went off and the phone rang.

“Hello, Paula.  You must go to the bomb shelter.  Kyiv is under attack.  The neighbor will come to show you where it is,” our director Yulia said.

Hope at Christmas

My heart raced.  I thought, okay, I must be prepared.  I got my jacket, my bible, a candle, a flashlight, some tea, and snacks, put everything into a bag, and waited.  Jeff called.  He was near Kyiv.

“Did you go to the bomb shelter?”  He asked.

‘Not yet, I said, but I am ready.’  In reality, the neighbor came an hour later and the air raid was over.  She showed it to me so I could go by myself next time.  We are so thankful for your support and ask you to pray for us.  There is so much more we want to do.  I can’t imagine spending Christmas in a bomb shelter, but it is now part of their reality and our hearts go out to them.

Merry Christmas and thank you for sending the love of Jesus through your prayers and giving!