Heating Stoves For Christmas

$3,840 Firewood for Families in Kosovo

This year pastor Urim in Kosovo asked if we could support needy families there with 3 months of winter firewood for heating their homes. We said yes and he has already started delivering the firewood while the prices are reasonable. If they need help, we also help them cut the wood. 16 families will receive $240 worth of firewood and school supplies. ($3,840 total) Pastor Urim personally visits each family.

$6,000 To Keep Warm at Hearts of Love

Donate for Christmas

The Hearts of Love Center is located in Konotop, the Sumy region, near the Russian border. Gas supplies are cut off as energy infrastructure has been damaged. $6,000 is needed to convert the heating system to electricity. When the director, Lena requested the funds for the conversion we immediately said yes, in faith, believing God would provide. Electricity is now rationed due to recent shelling, but both Lena and her staff continue working with handicapped children. They are thankful for your help and committed to staying despite the hardship.

Ukraine Staff Update

Due to the ongoing shelling, kamikaze drone attacks, and threats of nuclear “dirty bombs,” our staff is not returning to their homes and husbands. They are, however, coordinating our ministry while remaining safe. Not everyone is pictured, but we are all grateful for your prayers and support during these uncertain and dangerous times.

Christmas Fund for Ukraine Our Christmas Fund this year will not provide individual gifts for families, but will instead provide necessities such as heating stoves, firewood, coal, medical help, warm clothing, etc. The clothing company Gildan donated several truckloads to our partner KEMA in Hungary. We will also assist them in distributing all over Ukraine.