God’s Grace Rises from the Rubble

September 2022 – Thank you so much for your support to rebuild the farm in Armenia. We have made a few bank transfers and workers are there right now to finish repairing the cow shelter. We are making slow and steady progress. The progress is slower than I desire but God is in control of the process. We allocated another $20,000 to the farm with more construction needed in the future. Cheese making equipment will hopefully be purchased next Spring.

A Letter from Lena at Hearts of Love


“Dear Jeff & Paula,
I want to testify of some great things. As you know, my nephew, Lyosha is on the frontline in Donbas. We seldom have connection with him as the situation is very dangerous there. He called us on Sunday. He is alive, and he is thankful for the car from Mercy Projects. He is so grateful.

You can see my nephew with his kids before the war and the old car on the photos. He has changed a lot, got thinner and older. His family had to evacuate when everything started because their house is very close to the frontline. Lyosha says they will unlikely be able to return to their home. He said the enemy completely destroys everything. He called to say goodbye but God keeps him alive!

We keep doing our work here at Hearts of Love. Many children come every day. The parents really worry that we may stop working. We are often hearing sirens, the situation makes us more worried now as we don’t have a bomb shelter and attacks on civil buildings happen every day. If it gets too bad we will stop working. Please pray for God’s protection and His mercy on us. Our main task is to pray for our children, for our soldiers and for our country. It’s God’s grace to have you and Paula in such difficult times.”

A Destroyed Home and A New Dream

Natalia is from the north of Ukraine near Chernobyl. She is the former director of the Snowdrop Shelter in Vovchkiv and works full-time as a missionary in this neglected region of the country.

Support MP

She and her sister, her mother, and her two kids were trapped in their village by Russian troops for over a month. After a short rest with a host family in France, however, she returned in May to serve the families in her region.

Natalia did not return to find her home destroyed. She was still there, in hiding, when a Russian tank randomly fired on it in the early days of March. Her husband built that home before he died in a car accident several years ago. They now live with and take care of her mother. She is not bitter. She is thankful that God spared their lives. The first miracle was that they were at her mother’s house when the tank turned and fired. The second miracle was that they survived the Russian occupation.

According to Natalia, the third miracle was that they made it back home in time to plant potatoes and thus have food for the winter. She feels like God is  providing for them.

We hope to help Natalia rebuild. Yes, she could have chosen to relocate to France but no, she decided the Lord wanted her in her homeland. Her home was destroyed but her faith was  strengthened. A new dream was born in the ashes of despair.

If you want to help Natalia rebuild, just let us know and she will receive 100% of all funds received up to the needed amount. We have no estimates of the
cost. She does not know we desire to help. Together with Andriy and some local believers, we are praying that God will provide a miracle, for the fourth time.

Tangible Help – Bibles & First Aid Kits

Our bibles are free, however, another urgent need is for first aid kits. We order them on Amazon for $129 apiece. One suitcase will hold 24 IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) for battlefield use. We plan to order 100 more kits valued up to $12,900.  We can confidently say as our friends have told us in
Ukraine, your support of Mercy Projects is saving lives. Lena’s nephew Lyosha didn’t know such “beautiful” first aid kits existed. Our co-workers in Ukraine marvel at your generosity.