Financial and Ministry Report

Lena at the Hearts of Love Center receives supplies from our staff and the Salvation Army.

Mercy Projects is a Christian 501c3 organization with a “Christ-centered, family-focused” vision of assisting vulnerable children, the poor, and the widow. We work primarily in Ukraine, with other programs in Kosovo, Armenia, the Republic of Georgia, and Russia.  Our approach is to strengthen vulnerable families and children by providing camp ministry, family case workers, and physical and spiritual support. 


Kosovo   – 16 Families receive groceries or medical
Armenia – Dairy Farm project and camps
Ukraine  – 800 children from 255 sponsored families
Russia    – 4 National missionaries

Available here: 2021 Financial Statement

Custom Ministry Approach

We look for customized solutions for single mothers and large families in our sponsorship program in both Ukraine and Kosovo. Some need groceries, others need education assistance, others need medical help, etc. 

In Ukraine, our office staff manages the ministry efforts from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.  In addition, there are 16 Christian Case Workers who minister to their families. We also financially support foster families raising orphans.  This keeps children out of an orphanage and in a family. Our summer and winter camps focus on discipleship, strengthening young people in their Christian lives. 

Ukraine Overview

250 Families Receiving Sponsorship Support
8    Foster Families Receiving Sponsorship Support
4    Missionaries & Chaplains supported monthly
5    Office staff in Kyiv
16  Family case workers 
1    Education Center in Ivankiv
1    Education Center in Konotop for 55 special needs children

From Child to Family Sponsorships

In 2019 we began counting “Family Sponsorships” as our primary measurement of ministry impact.  The various types of families receiving help include single-parent families; grandparents raising children; Extended family members raising children; Parents who adopt children; and Foster Parents who receive official government support and private foster parents who do not receive government support.

Family Sponsorships are how we connect sponsors to families.  The various types of families receiving help include single-parent families; grandparents raising children; Extended family members raising children; Parents who adopt children; and Foster Parents who take in orphans.  Sponsorship benefits include medical assistance, Christmas presents;  exchanging and translating letters with sponsors;  Education help, English classes, Computer training, and financial support. 

Christian Camps: Every year we conduct 10-day camps to share the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Hearts of Love Center – This education center ministers to 55 children with special needs including mental, physical, and emotional handicaps. 

In Kosovo – Families are primarily widows or those with special needs such as mental illness, blindness, or emotional trauma. In this program, sponsors provide basic food necessities for these very poor children and their families. Families are able to redeem grocery vouchers each month for 60 Euros ($70) at a local grocery store partner.  (No alcohol or tobacco).

Ministry in Kosovo is done through a partnership with a local church that is located in the Muslim community of Malisheve.  Children and families are encouraged to take part in church-related activities including English and Bible classes.  Mercy Projects works with pastor Urim there to represent our ministry.

In Russia, we financially support 4 pastors (chaplains) who reside in different areas of the country.  These men also work part-time to support their families and ministries. They are part of local Russian churches and use their financial sponsorship to pay for expenses to travel and share Christ’s love in prisons and with at-risk youth in orphanages. They mobilize local churches in those regions to assist orphans and ex-prisoners. They work with churches throughout Siberia, the Urals, and the Caucuses. 

Making disciples of Christ is our priority and with your help, thousands of young lives are being transformed in Eastern Europe. Thank you for standing with us.