Every year we spend every dime that comes in to bless as many people as possible. All support is collected in the Christmas Fund and then distributed among these projects in Ukraine and Kosovo. Thank you again for your faithfulness and love for the poor in Ukraine and Kosovo!

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firewood-icon-2016Dental Checkups: Ukraine

A major issue for vulnerable children from needy families is dental health.  This is something they cannot afford.  This year, we hope to provide dental care for hundreds of children in our sponsorship program as part of their “Christmas present” from their sponsors.



“Hearts of Love” Special Needs Center: Konotop, Ukraine

Let’s bless families at the center with warm classrooms all winter long.  Mercy Projects replaced the antique heating system this year and now, as heating prices rise, they need our extra help at Christmas.  All the kids will get a small present and a Christmas party, but our first goal is to keep the heat flowing throughout the building.


backpack-icon-2016Firewood for Widows and Poor Families: Kosovo

The firewood project is meant to provide heat for homes in Kosovo. Most families heat one room in winter with a wood burning stove. The kids huddle together in the one room for warmth. Many sleep in this room as well. With your help, the MP Christmas Fund will provide 3 months worth of firewood to families.

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