Bogdan’s Story

Most of the kids in the camp have no fathers at home or had a poor example in their families. Strong Christian young men as counselors are really important.

Another young first-time camp counselor is 19-year-old Bogdan. His family is in the sponsorship program as they need support. He gladly went through our training and this summer was his first as an actual counselor.

He is more reserved than his counterpart, cheerful Nadya, but he cares about little kids like a father. He knows what it means to be in charge of youngsters.

“My name is Bogdan and I am the oldest of 4 kids. I grew up in a Christian home and I was a teenager when our family was taken in the Mercy Projects program. My younger 10-year-old sister is now in the camp too. Since childhood, I have heard a lot about God and have always gone to church with my family. I got baptized at 17.”

“As a counselor in the camp, my job is always to be with children. We are here to teach them, to guide them, to care about their problems and to love them with God’s love. Even though I try to be pretty strict with them, they still love me and hug me. I love them too and am learning a lot about patience.”

“I love the atmosphere here and the people, and always wanted to become a part of this team. I really believe that it is God’s will for me to be here.”