Armenia Farm Winter Update

Tractor and Equipment Needed

We had beautiful weather during my November visit to the new dairy farm in Armenia.  I can report that all formalities have been settled with our purchase and we are moving ahead with construction.  The first day, however, was marked by a delicious Armenian barbecue of lamb kebabs. The next several days were filled with activities such as choosing an architect, visiting other farms, looking for tractors, and investigating other land parcels that may be available.  It was a very productive trip!

Support the Farm

The tractor purchase is our next priority along with construction. I shared last year that our goal for this investment is to provide jobs and future support for our summer camp ministry.  Our construction manager Ahvik, whom I have known many years, is a war veteran and was previously unemployed.  Today, he and three others are working every day to make our vision come true.  The farm staff in Armenia are so thankful for your support of this project.  Not only do they have jobs this Christmas, but they have a wonderful purpose for going to work.  They plan to start purchasing cows this February.



From Armenia to Ukraine and Kosovo, we are excited and blessed to be able to share the joy and love of Christ.  Your trust in the ministry at Mercy Projects is something we cherish and do not take for granted.  Thank you for making miracles happen in the lives of the poor this Christmas.