A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken

Jeff and Paula Thompson

A week before Thanksgiving, someone drove through a red light and broadsided our daughter not far from her home in Anchorage, Alaska. In the twinkling of an eye her world (and ours) was shaken.  She was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with a concussion, and sent home to rest.  The three kids were okay and several days later my wife flew to Anchorage to be with her and help with the kids.

Our daughter Lindsey is much better now but still experiences after-effects of the concussion.  Then on November 30th at 8:30 am the 7.0 earthquake hit.  My wife was home in Anchorage with the three grandkids.  Everyone was scared but okay, just a big mess to clean up.  The following week the ground regularly moved beneath them as aftershocks have continued.  This experience gives new meaning to the scripture in Hebrews 12 that we have “received a kingdom that cannot be shaken!”

Love and Permanency of Family

When things that feel safe like cars and houses are shaken or destroyed, it causes us to reflect on how “un-permanent” our lives really are.  The things that are most precious to us in this life are our relationships, our families and the people in our lives.

This past year you have supported different families in Ukraine who take orphaned children into their homes and raise them as their own.  These are “Kingdom” families, people who serve Jesus and provide permanency and love for kids who otherwise have no hope in this life.  These kids have now “received a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”

Widow in Kosovo in her new kitchen with running water and heat. She is thrilled!

Winter Camp Starts in 2 Weeks

Literally hundreds of orphans today are raised in families, (not institutions) due to your help.  The Winter Bible camp where these kids are trained in their faith starts January 1.  Please help us finish the year financially strong. $10,000 is still needed to complete our ministry projects and the winter camp by the end of 2018.

We are thankful for you, our partners in ministry, and the eternal difference you make.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and blessed 2019! Thanks for standing with us.

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