A COVID-19 Update

Jeff Thompson
Jeff & Paula visiting families in Ukraine

Our Murrieta, CA office is closed and we are working from home.  We monitor the phones and are available to answer any questions you may have.

The summer camps in Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia have not been canceled. We are hopeful that the situation will stabilize.  The countries of Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia have not been hard hit by the pandemic. 

The Mercy Projects office in Kyiv, Ukraine is closed and public transportation such as the metro remains shut down.  Our staff however, are in touch with teens by social media and WhatsApp.  Some meet together one on one.  Sponsored families still receive their support such as groceries and/or financial help. 

We appreciate your prayers and support.  Our entire MP staff are safe, healthy, and working every day. Our hearts go out to those impacted by the virus.  The economic toll on the poor of Eastern Europe is devastating and families are on the verge of hunger.  They do not benefit from massive government stimulus or financial bailouts.

If you are a monthly sponsor, please know that our support programs continue and have not been canceled.

Thank you for your support and prayers during this special time.